The United States hopes that China agrees FATCA

05/15/2012 09:28


In fact, five EU nation and the United States sign FATCA and mean that the rest nation isn't accredit currently.

  American Ministry of Finance officials privately reveal that hope many national approval FATCAs including China, Japan, Canada and Switzerland, and hope these nation see American government as this the new measure modified of advantage.American government also means being still carrying on a negotiation with other nations so far.

  According to the rules of the baseball sunglasses United States, oversea property more than USD 50,000 American taxpayer has to declare, but many American citizens transfer its property to the overseas currently, it has no American government from start, have a headache very much, particularly is at with protect guest the privacy Zhao call of Switzerland banking.

  However, American government finally forces a Rui silver with the price of USD 780,000,000 to the survey of Rui silver in 2009, and more than 4000 customers data, exchanged American government to don't need to the indictment.

  At the beginning of in this month, American judiciary indicted the most ancient privately owned of Switzerland bank Wei grillage bank more and called PRADA Sunglasses that it is suspected of helping American citizen's evasion of duty.

  But, passing to investigate an indictment to combine can not necessarily make track for to pay to return to evasion of duty, FATCA is another means that American government implements, pass to exert pressure to the oversea financing institution, obtain American citizen's account information thus.

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